Graphic Design For Office Management

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Graphic Design For Office Management

Course Duration: 100+ Hours Course
Why graphic design is important for your office management

Graphic design is one of the powerful parts of organizations. Because without graphic is something that catches our attention and attracts us towards products and brands.
Do you know, without promoting any product is difficult to sell? and another hand our social network is more popular day by day facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and every day we see some awesome post on this platform. It’s a part of graphics. so graphic design training create more value to important your company without design you can submit any project any post in social media so it’s an essential part of your office management set up. if you understand about its necessity. Graphics design course is effective in a corporate because of her popularity. Graphic Design is a powerful part of our office. If their activities can similar to her topics.

What we will learn?

1. Adobe Photoshop,
2. Illustrator Fundamental
3. MS Powerpoint

It is all about graphics related work. This program benefits you and your company’s future to increase your authority and your brand promotion everything so our corporate training ensures you how to design your product and how to work graphics properly.
Do you know how much value a designer? If you will complete our training, it helps you to create your design. If properly skill ups your employ it will be your fixed asset in your future. Do you want to create your future?


Photoshop Training Course Outline

Total : 24 hours

Class : 8

Per day session : 3

Per Session : 2 hours

What You Will Learn in This Photoshop Training Course:

  • Workspace in Photoshop
  • Image Retouching and Editing
  • Working with Selections
  • Working with the Layers in Photoshop
  • Working with Masks
  • Typographic Design
  • Compositing and Printing in Photoshop
  • Business card Design
  • Banner Design
  • Basic Web template Design
Class 1
1. Introducing with Photoshop
2. Document Setup
– Why document setup is Important
– Unit
– Resolution
– Color Mode
3. Interface overview
4. Screen Mode
5. Zoom in & Out
6. Document Pan
7. Color Apply
8. Selection Basic
9. Layer Basic
10. Undo and Redo
Class Assignment: Cartoon Character
Class 2
1. Image Resize
– Crop Tool
– Image Size
– Save for Web
– Save
File Format
2. Brush Tools
– Brush tools details
– Brush Setting
– Download Brush
– Create New Brush Class Assignment- Patee Design, Facebook Cover photo resize, Landscape Design
Class Assignment: Cartoon Character
Class 3
Retouch Image
1. Spot Healing Brush Tool
2. Healing Brush Tool
3. Patch Tool
4. Red Eye Tool
5. Clone Tool
6. Pattern Stamp Tool
7. Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tools
8. Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools
9. History Brush Tool
10. Art History Brush Tool
Class Assignment: Image Retouching
Class 4
1. Pen Tool
– Path Mode
– Shape Mode
2. Path Selection Tool
3. Direct Selection Tool
3. Interface overview
Gradient Tool
Paint Bucket Tool

1. Type Tools
2. Character Palette
Class Assignment: Clipping (a to z) all alphabet, Typography
Class 5
1. Eraser Tools
2. Layer Lock
3. Layer Merge
4. Layer Mode
5. Group and Ungroup
6. Opacity and Fill
7. Masking
8. Clipping Mask
Class Assignment: Trace Paper Advertisements and Image Manipulation
Class 6
Layer Palette
1. Blend Option
2. Layer Adjustment
3. Smart Layer
4. Link Layer
5. Align and Distribute

Discussing about design fundamentals of Web Template
Class Assignment: Login Page & Icon Design
Class Assignment: Create a Web Banner and Text & Image effect
Class 7
Business Card Design
Class 8
Banner and FB Cover Page Design
Class 9
Advertisement Design

Adobe Illustrator Training Course Outline

Total : 16 hours

Class : 8

Per day session : 3

Per Session : 2 hours

What You Will Learn in This Illustrator Training Course:

  • Work with Colors and Patterns
  • Use Pen Tools and Groups
  • Logo design
  • Business card Design
  • Flyer design
Class 1
Introducing Illustrator
1. Using the Welcome Screen
2. Comparison between Photoshop and Illustrator
3. Introducing Vector Graphics
4. Introducing Illustrator Interface, Tool bar and setting new document
5. Object / Shape creation using basic shapes and pen tool
6. Selection basics
7. Introducing Anchor Points
8. Introducing Fill and Stroke and Applying color
9. Object Arrangement and working with object grouping, locking and hiding
10. Using Undo/Redo, Guide, Grid and Saving a Document as native format of illustrator

Fill, Stroke and Color
1. An Overview of the Color Palette
2. Black vs. Rich Black in the Color Palette
3. Working with Swatches [Creating and Saving new Color Swatches]
1. Introducing illustrator gradient and applying in object
Class Assignment: Cartoon Shape by using basic shapes, Robi Logo
Class 2
Transforming Object
1. Introducing Object Transformations and working with scale, rotate and free transform tool
2. Duplicating Objects (Ctrl + F, Ctrl + B) and Transform Again (Ctrl + D)
3. Moving Objects in Increments
4. Using the Offset Path Dialogue Box

Fill, Stroke and Color
1. An Overview of the Color Palette
2. Black vs. Rich Black in the Color Palette
3. Working with Swatches [Creating and Saving new Color Swatches]
Class Assignment: Wall Clock Design
Class 3
Using the Powerful Pen Tool
1. Drawing with the Pen Tool
2. Modifying a Path and understanding Open & Close Path
3. Modifying and Converting Anchor Points

Selecting Points and Paths
1. Intro To Pathfinder
– Intersect Shape Areas

Pathfinder Operations
An Introduction to the Pathfinder Operations
Cropping, Uniting and Arranging
Masking Edges with Clipping Masks

Class Assignment: Wall Clock Design
Class 4
Working with Text
1. Discussing Type Tool
2. Explaining Character Palette
3. Text with paragraph palette
4. Type Menu Details

Class Assignment:
- Create Bangladesh Government Logo or Like Something
– Mack up A Magazine Page with Photo
Class 5
Logo Design
Class 6
Business Card Design And Flyer Design

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